Argentina in FITUR 2021



NewMedia Creative Technology Studio took the Argentine stand to another level, allowing the South American country to obtain for the first time in its history the 2 most important awards of the tourism event: Best Stand Design and Sustainable Stand.

Reducing waste, eliminating printed materials and reusing as much as possible were the three decisions that made Argentina's stand a new, innovative and exemplary concept that will surely generate trends.

The company NewMedia Creative Technology Studio ( is the agency behind this ingenious and innovative idea based on minimizing the use of conventional materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, plastics or printed vinyl, thus avoiding the production of tons of waste that this type of fairs usually generate.

With a revolutionary concept imported directly from the Formula One and Moto GP Paddock that not only reduces waste, but also reduces assembly times by 50%, allows 100% of the materials to be reused and reduces CO2 emissions by 83%.

As if this were not enough, the digital transformation was total, the identification of its personnel was not based on conventional signage but on LED technology, a "virtual doorman" evaluated body temperature and the use of masks to enter the private area, and above all, they made a radical change in the hiring of public service personnel, including people with gender resignation.