The Screenberry™ media server is a powerful and intuitive tool with broad automation capabilities for real-time, multi-screen playback in extremely high resolutions. It’s the perfect solution for 3D mapping, dome projection, stage shows, and multimedia installations.


Screenberry for stage shows

 High resolution multi-screen playback, live signal integration, and 3D video mapping capabilities help to take multimedia stage design to a new level.

Screenberry for fixed installations

Screenberry-driven setups require less space for hardware and consume less electricity. The server’s rich networking capabilities allow for operating even big installations remotely.

Screenberry for dome projection

The content management system allows content producers and planetarium owners to benefit from a flexible time-interval and pay-per-play licensing.

Screenberry for projection mapping

The integrated 3D model and virtual projector positioning feature as well as manual and automatic projection alignment allows for precise content mapping on a real building or object.

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