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Since 2005 we are exploring the infinite limits of light, technology and entertainment to bring the audience into unmatched experiences.

Events around the world

NewMedia is a leading producer of events that challenge the limits of imagination and technology delivering entertaining experiences for clients around the world.

Creative team

Our creative technology studio, equipped with imaginative and creative minds, motion artists and technicians have been working in prestigious and state-of-the-art events around the world.

Unforgettable experiences

NewMedia is expert producing geodesic domes, fulldome shows and 360º movies, large-format projections, 3D mapping, immersive environments, holograms, tradeshow stands, high technology events and exciting video content.

DOMO 360

Immersive space for events and technological projects in the
center of Madrid

DOMO 360 is a joint project of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and NewMedia Creative Technology Studio, a world leader in the creation of fulldome shows and immersive experiences.
Our challenge is to create a permanent, educational and cultural space, with teacher, student, business and institutional participation focused on facilitating job placement through experience and advanced technological training.
A space that generates a contribution and a legacy for the coming years through three fundamental pillars: Creativity, Technology and R&D.


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